A Kali Center chapter group located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Kali is a blade fighting system for both single and multiple opponent combat. It shares similarities with other Filipino Martial Arts such as Escrima and Arnis. The twelve areas of Kali include single sword, double sword, knife, staff, and empty hands. Although it is a weapons art, Kali is also well-known for its effective empty hands and grappling tactics.
Our training follows the curriculum provided by Kali Center through the APEX and Inner Triangle programs.
We place extreme importance on footwork and proper utilization of weapons, whether a sword, knife or empty hands.
We enjoy training outside, and believe that learning to perform on different terrains is critical for skill development.
Fitness is a fundamental part of Kali. Being in good physical shape to start is not necessary, but training will increase your athletic ability.
Safety is built into our training methodology. We progressively develop the skills to execute tactics dynamically, with control.
We practice Kali because we love the art, and we enjoy teaching it. We believe that teaching is one of the best methods of learning.

What to Expect

We do things differently than most other Kali schools. To start with, we are a training group, not a school. Will we teach you? ABSOLUTELY! But you won't see anyone walking around while you are working. Instead we will be working right along with you.

We meet outside. There are several good reasons for this. First, what we do requires a lot of movement, and few indoor spaces are large enough to accomodate even two people. Secondly, it is important to become familiar with different ground surfaces and obstacles. The real world is full of gravel, curbs, tree roots, wet grass, etc. Training outside improves environmental awareness.

You will be moving... A LOT! The reality with bladed weapons is that if you do not remove your body from the reach of a weapon, you are in bad spot. While blocks and close range counters are part of the Kali system, they should not be your go-to response. The true skill is in avoiding such risky situations by using footwork.

We take our training seriously, but definitely have a lot of fun doing so! Our desire is to introduce people to this unique art, and over time develop great friends and training partners. If you think that Kali may be for you, we encourage you to give it a try!

Who Is Kali Center

We train directly under Kali Center. We use their curriculum, hold weekly coaching calls and spend over ten days a year training with them in person. They are excellent teachers, and offer a realistic approach to blade fighting that we have not found elsewhere.

They hold seminars throughout the year, which draw other practicioners from across the country. These are excellent opportunities to train with other people, and improve your skills.

Check out hundreds of other videos on the Kali Center YouTube Channel

Hours and Location

We train outdoors at South Park. On occassions where weather doesn't permit (think heavy rain, snow or ice), we meet indoors at Lifeforce Fitness Center.

6:00 to 7:30pm
6:00 to 7:30pm
10:00am to Noon

*A membership at Lifeforce Fitness Center is not required. Should you wish to attend on bad weather days, we can discuss the various ways to pay for entrance.

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